Playboox enables salespeople and managers to perform optimally at each stage of the sales process.  Playboox offers sales process playbook development services, customized SDR, sales and sales management training, and sales process playbook software to help clients codify and institutionalize what their top performers say, ask, do and use at each stage of their sales process in order to improve sales and sales management effectiveness and accelerate new-hire ramp up.

Daniel Zamudio  |  Founder & CEO

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Playboox, the Sales Excellence Enablement leader. He is a thought leader on the convergence of process and technology to drive sales productivity and effectiveness, and has consulted for global enterprises and fast-growth startups in the areas of sales leadership, sales process, sales messaging, and sales enablement. He has helped develop and deliver Sales Enablement programs at Cisco, Infosys, Gartner, Yahoo, ForeScout, and HubSpot, among others.

Prior to founding Playboox, he was the COO and GM of Infogroup’s Interactive division, a leading provider of digital marketing software and services. He’s held leadership roles at some of the world’s premier technology sector companies in the U.S. and Europe.

As GM Southern Europe, he helped start Symantec Europe and establish it as the regional market leader. In the role of GM, he helped launch ZDNet France, one of the first technology news and analysis web sites in Europe. While at Gartner and based in Paris, he finished as the number one sales manager worldwide. He has held VP of Sales roles at a number of leading Internet and technology startups in the Silicon Valley, and started his sales management and training career at Xerox. He holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

Michael Griego  |  Managing Partner

Michael is a popular speaker, sales trainer, and sales management consultant, and the author of 42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness. He has conducted sales training for thousands of salespeople and managers around the world and provided sales management counsel to Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies. Mike has been recognized as a leading sales management consultant and sales effectiveness expert by and and received the High-Performing Learning Partner award from Cisco.

Mike brings over 28 years of high-technology sales and management experience, including years as a top producer at IBM and Gartner Group. He has served in the role EVP Worldwide Sales at multiple technology companies, and is well-versed in all the major sales methodologies, including Challenger and Solution Selling.

Mike’s specialty is helping sales organizations improve sales strategy and process execution by collaborating with client executive, sales, and marketing leadership, subject matter experts, and top performers to capture and institutionalize deal management, conversation, forecasting, and coaching best practices. He has a BA degree from Occidental College and an MBA from Stanford University.

Keith McFarlane  |  Technology Advisor

Keith is Senior Vice President Service Cloud Development at Oracle. He was previously CTO at LiveOps, a leading provider of cloud-based contact center management software and services for the enterprise market. He is an expert at architecting highly scalable, enterprise-grade cloud-based CRM software. Keith’s experience includes leading the CRM Architecture team at Oracle.

He also led development efforts at PeopleSoft, where his team was responsible for building their sales force automation application. He is a recognized and frequent speaker at industry conferences on the topic of cloud architecture. Keith has played a hands-on role in helping Playboox’s development team design and build our native application. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado.


Playboox consultants are sales process, messaging, operations, and technology experts providing our clients with the perfect combination of skills, knowledge, and perspective to design, develop and implement Sales Excellence Enablement programs and technology-enabled sales-process-centric playbooks that drive results. They bring a wealth of operational experience honed at leading sales, marketing, sales operations, training, and consulting organizations across a variety of industries in both the U.S. and Europe. Our engineering and implementation team consists of developers experienced in deploying sophisticated implementations.