Use Playbooks To Boost Rookie Performance

Research shows that depending on your industry, solution complexity, and price point, in most cases, it can take anywhere from 6 to 15 months to get a new-hire fully productive as measured by time-to-quota. As such, compressing the amount of time it takes to bring new sales hires up-to-speed is one of the main reasons […]

Is it What You Sell, or How You Sell It?

From Mike Griego?s SalesNote blog The Corporate Executive Board?s Marketing Executive Council surveyed over 5000 individuals to determine what customers are looking for in a business-to-business supplier. Interesting data comes out about the drivers of customer loyalty: 19% ? Company and brand impact 19% ? Product and service delivery 9% ? Value-price ratio 53% ? […]

Sales Process Got Me to the Olympics

The Olympics recently ended and as I watched the closing ceremony, I couldn?t help but reminisce about sitting at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona one warm summer evening 20 years ago witnessing first-hand the magic of the closing ceremony of the ?92 Olympics. What an experience – went to 16 events. Saw, with all due […]

Why & How to ?Clone? Your Top Performers

Who is your best rep? Wouldn?t you like to clone him or her? If there was ever a time when you needed to clone the behavior of your top salespeople, it?s now. Firstly, your best reps account for the bulk of your business. Studies show that the top 20% of a sales organization generates upward […]

Rule #11: Create a Playbook

Excerpt From Mike Griego’s “42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness” (Superstar Press) So now you?re ready to document your sales process ?playbook.? A playbook is just as it sounds?it?s a notated game plan of steps, actions and tools used to facilitate the execution of the sales process. In the previous two rules (Rule 9 and […]

Rethinking Solution Selling

From Mike Griego’s SalesNote blog. With all due respect to Michael Bosworth, author of Solution Selling, it?s time to rethink ?solution selling.? Both the selling world and customer interactions have changed and require adjustments to common selling motions. Besides, after all the books and training over 15 years, try to find one VP of Sales […]

How To Organize Your Sales Tools For Optimum Use

The best tools (and training) are those that help salespeople more effectively and consistently apply their sales organization’s best practices at each stage of their sales process. We categorize these into tools the reps use before/during/after the call at each stage of the sales process to help them increase the probability of successfully completing a […]

B2B Sales Enablement Trends to Watch in 2012

Here are four important B2B sales enablement trends that we think will gain traction in 2012. 1. Content marketing will take on more significance as a means of engaging prospects, supporting them through their buying process, and differentiating sales organizations to help them win more often. Buyers want to make well-informed purchase decisions. Vendors that […]