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Sales Process Got Me to the Olympics

The Olympics recently ended and as I watched the closing ceremony, I couldn?t help but reminisce about sitting at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona one warm summer evening 20 years ago witnessing first-hand the magic of the closing ceremony of the ?92 Olympics. What an experience – went to 16 events. Saw, with all due […]

Rule #11: Create a Playbook

Excerpt From Mike Griego’s “42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness” (Superstar Press) So now you?re ready to document your sales process ?playbook.? A playbook is just as it sounds?it?s a notated game plan of steps, actions and tools used to facilitate the execution of the sales process. In the previous two rules (Rule 9 and […]

How To Organize Your Sales Tools For Optimum Use

The best tools (and training) are those that help salespeople more effectively and consistently apply their sales organization’s best practices at each stage of their sales process. We categorize these into tools the reps use before/during/after the call at each stage of the sales process to help them increase the probability of successfully completing a […]