Sales Excellence Enablement services


Gaining Buyer Engagement, Traction, and Commitment

Enterprise software Sales and Inside Sales leaders face a formidable challenge.
It has become a monumental task for their reps to gain senior-level buyer engagement,
traction, and commitment.

Gaining Engagement Getting the Meeting

Today’s enterprise software buyer relies almost exclusively on peers, word-of-mouth, social media, and research to educate themselves on how to best address their most pressing issues and with whom. They don’t take your reps’ calls or return their emails. By the time they do engage, you are column fodder.

Gaining Traction
Building Momentum

According to Forrester, senior-level buyers consider 9 out of 10 meetings with salespeople a waste of time. They claim your reps are showing up and throwing up. Moreover, in all cases, reps are challenged to find and motivate multiple stakeholders in order to advance their deals. Conversion rates from first-time-meetings are nowhere where they need to be.

Gaining Commitment Closing the Deal

Maintaining the status quo is the most frequent outcome from a sales engagement. Your target buyers are not seeing the value or need to make a rapid change from their current situation and if they do, it is with your competition. No wonder that, according to CSO Insights, the average win rate for forecasted deals is less than 50%.


Sales Excellence Enablement

  • Training
  • Tools
  • Technology

To meet aggressive growth targets in this environment, you need to equip your SDRs and salespeople with the tools, training, and technology they need to consistently and systematically gain buyer engagement, traction, and commitment.

On top of this, you need to provide guidance and systems to help your frontline sales managers flawlessly execute your sales process, deal and pipeline reviews, forecasts, and QBRs.

Ad hoc is not good enough. To thrive, you must move from everyone doing their own thing to everyone doing the best thing. We call this ‘Sales Excellence Enablement’.

Playboox is a Sales Enablement consulting and software company led by former VPs of Sales and VPs of Sales Enablement with operational experience at Salesforce, DocuSign, Juniper, Gartner, and Symantec.

We specialize in helping fast-growth enterprise software companies develop and deploy SDR, Sales, and Sales Manager Enablement programs, playbooks, processes, tools, and technology that establish the foundation for scalable and predictable growth.

Our services include:

  • Sales Process Playbook Development and Deployment
  • SDR Playbook Development and Deployment
  • Onboarding Program Design and Development
  • Online Sales University Design, Development and Deployment
  • Sales Training
  • Inside Sales Training
  • Sales Manager Training



Led by the original VP Sales University at, Playboox offers a range of Sales Enablement service solutions to build or enhance client Sales Enablement programs. Our services are offered as Sales Enablement Staff Augmentation or based on a defined project, event or deliverable.

Technology-Enabled Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence Enablement. On-Demand.

Leveraging technology is essential to the success of any Sales Enablement program. But with so many choices, it’s difficult to decide what’s essential and what’s not.

From a training perspective, there are two critical technology components required to drive learning absorption, adoption, and application: a learning management system and a CRM-integrated sales process playbook.

Playboox has deep expertise in the deployment of Learning Management Systems and offers a native-Salesforce and Salesforce1 Sales Process Playbook application.


Optimal Performance Training

We offer a suite of customized training programs and workshops proven to boost key sales performance metrics like percentage of reps at plan, win rates, average deal size, average sales cycle, pipeline growth, SQL conversion rates, and new-hire time-to-productivity.
Sales Training
Playboox sales training programs focus on helping salespeople master the top, middle, and bottom of funnel selling skills they need to gain buying engagement, momentum, and commitment.
  • Mastering Inside Sales
  • Mastering the Executive Conversation
  • Mastering Value-Based Negotiation
  • Mastering Strategic Deal Management
Sales Management Training
Playboox sales management training programs focus on helping frontline sales managers master the planning and coaching skills they need to inspire and systematically lead their teams to quota-busting performance.
  • Mastering Sales Planning & Execution
  • Mastering Sales Talent Development
  • Mastering the Behavioral Interview


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to master and consistently apply best practices
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