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Turn Salesforce into a Deal Coaching System

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Playbook Deal Success

Plug-and-play an Enterprise SaaS Sales Playbook that will equip your sellers with everything they need to execute stage-specific best practices tailored by vertical market, market segment, or seller role (AE/SDR/CSM).


Scale Sales Process Rigor

Playmaker makes your sales process exit criteria the blueprint for deal success and the basis for assessing, scoring, and forecasting deal-specific winnability.

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Deal Analysis Made Easy

Go beyond MEDDIC with straightforward stakeholder and competitive risk analysis frameworks to identify factors that may jeopardize deal success


Prepare to Win

Playmaker provides deal risk analysis, deal win planning, call planning, and call debrief frameworks to assess deal risks, and create  deal-specific win strategy, call plans, and next best actions

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Enable Consultative Selling

Make it easy for your sellers to prepare and lead expert-level discovery conversations with integrated Discovery Guides tailored by buyer persona, use case, vertical market or market segment.

Systematize Deal Execution Excellence at Scale

We help SaaS sales leaders leverage Salesforce to formalize a repeatable process for deal health and vulnerability analysis, win planning, stage guidance, call planning, and debriefing based on a detailed sales process that defines stage-specific objectives and deal-winning practices.

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Transform Salesforce User Experience and Usefulness

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Guided Selling

Chief Operating Officer

Playmaker is the only application I've seen that truly helps salespeople sell better, and managers deal coach more effectively.

Reps can consistently and easily do the right thing, and even better, they are no longer encumbered by the complexity of the out-of-the-box Salesforce user experience, which is powerful but overwhelming.

Playmaker re-skins Salesforce to make reps as efficient and effective as they can be.