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Enable consistent execution and coaching of deal-winning practices at each stage of your sales process.

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Scale Deal Execution Excellence

Playboox provides sales process playbooks, training, and software that guide sellers to consistently execute enterprise selling stage-specific best practices, and managers to excel at deal coaching and deal forecasting


Too Much Inconsistency

All too often there's way too much inconsistency in how your sellers approach their enterprise deals, calls and buyers, so:

  • First-time meetings don't convert
  • You lose deals you could/should have won
  • Key deals you were counting on slip
  • Forecasts get missed
  • Too many reps miss quota

Playbook Deal-Winning Practices

Create playbooks that codify how your top performers approach each stage of your sales process aligned to how and why your buyers buy.


Turn Your Managers Into Expert Deal Coaches

Gartner found that deal coaching is the single most important and impactful activity sales managers need to master and prioritize.

Providing deal-specific coaching based on a consistent framework and cadence is how high-performing managers help their reps crush their quotas.


Turn Salesforce into a Deal Coaching System

Transform Salesforce from a data entry system into a deal coaching system that:

  • Equips your sellers with everything they need to consistently apply proven deal-winning practices and tools at each stage of your sales process
  • Provides a comprehensive deal analysis and planning framework with deal coaching questions for manager-led and self-directed expert deal coaching
  • Turns persona-based consultative discovery from a best practice into a common practice
  • Improves deal-specific forecasting accuracy with exit-criteria based deal scoring

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