Win Big Deals More Often

Enable consistent execution of deal-winning practices at each stage of your sales process.

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Codify and Scale Deal Execution Excellence

Leverage Salesforce-enabled playbooks to equip your managers to excel at deal coaching and
your reps to perform optimally at each stage of your sales process
better and faster than you could on your own or than with traditional sales consultancies


Inadequate & Inconsistent Execution

sales coaching playbook

The manner in which your sellers approach deals, calls, and buyers, and your managers approach deal reviews and coaching is unstructured and ad-hoc which means:

  • Too many reps are missing their number
  • You're losing deals you could/should have won
  • Too many deals stall, slip, or end in no decision
  • Qualified leads are not converting at a high level
  • Forecast accuracy is consistently lousy

We Playbook
Deal-Winning Practices

We leverage our software, templates, and Enterprise SaaS sales know-how to rapidly co-create immediately actionable and impactful playbooks that codify how top performers approach each stage of your sales process aligned to how and why your buyers buy.

sales coaching

We Turn Your Managers Into Expert Deal Coaches


Gartner found that deal coaching is the single most important and performance-impacting activity sales managers need to master and prioritize.

We equip managers with deal coaching frameworks, prompts, assessments, and guides to enable them to provide deal-specific coaching that improves their reps' deal and call management skills and results.


We Turn Salesforce into a Deal Coaching System

We transform your Salesforce instance into a deal coaching system purpose-built  for Enterprise SaaS selling that:

  • Equips sellers with everything they need to perform optimally at each stage of your sales process
  • Drives consistent sales process, deal planning, and call planning execution and accountability
  • Guides reps to create need and urgency for your unique capabilities tailored by persona or use case
  • Improves deal-specific visibility and forecast accuracy with exit-criteria based deal scoring
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Great sales team close big deals with Playboox

Playmaker-Powered Deals Close More Often

Equip your sales team to boost stage conversion rates and win rates with Playmaker

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Tools like Altify Dealmaker help you do a better job of deal inspection, which is very useful. And tools like Highspot are helpful for accessing content. 

Playmaker combines the best of both but with a  less clunky and much more rep-friendly interface. The fact it’s a native Salesforce app seals the deal.

VP Sales Operations

My mind was blown in our Sandler Playmaker training!!! I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s phenomenal.

It has captured an exhaustive list of disparate items in one place, embedded Sandler training, and makes our lives as AEs so much easier!!

Account Executive
Sandler Enterprise Customer

It used to take us at least six months to get a new rep up to speed but even then, they weren’t consistent.

By using Playmaker, new reps don’t need to be industry experts. They now learn and do exactly what they need to do to excel at each stage of our sales process based on the Sandler methodology within days of joining.

VP Sales
Sandler Enterprise customer

Instead of making our reps take courses in our learning management system, they plug into deal-specific playbooks that give them everything they need to excel stage-by-stage all within Salesforce.

Playmaker’s Playbook tab increases SFDC usefulness and user experience 100x.

VP Sales

Playboox gives you all the advantages of Force Management, but their playbook software makes them a LOT easier, faster, and less expensive to implement.

We created three playbooks based on our use cases. Now our reps come across as SMEs. Best yet, “playbooked” deals have significantly higher conversion and win rates. 

Head of Sales Operations