It’s hurting where it matters most

Reps are struggling
Over 80% of reps bring in less than 20% of revenue.
Managers are struggling
If 50+% of reps are missing quota, so are their managers.
Deals are struggling
Too many deals slip, stall or end in no-decision

Here’s why

Enterprise selling skills are lacking
Rep selling skills are inadequate to effectively navigate complex sales
Effective sales coaching is lacking
Managers lack coaching skills and discipline to optimize rep performance
Execution and messaging 
Lack of a uniform approach means everyone is doing their own thing
why change

Sales enablement is not moving the needle

Sales training, sales playbooks, and sales tech are implemented in a piecemeal, reactive, and ad-hoc fashion. Sales KPIs continue to suffer and according to Gartner 82% of sales leaders say sales enablement is underperforming.

Sales training is forgettable
Sales training especially when it’s a one-time event is quickly forgotten.
Sales playbooks are
Playbooks with lots of pages with big words in small font are of little use.
Acronym frameworks don’t work
Populating MEDDPICC fields in Salesforce doesn’t impact win rates.
Enablement apps don’t enable
CRM, LMS, and CMS software do not boost rep performance.
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The Playbook is the Way

Shift from everyone doing their own thing to everyone doing the best thing

To drive sustainable and predictable sales success, you need a set of sales process playbooks that codify and provide guidance on what your sellers need to say, ask, do, use, and know at each stage of your sales process based on:
  • Your verticals, personas, and use cases
  • Proven deal-winning practices
  • Top performer and SME input
  • Elite enterprise selling principles
  • Playboox expertise and frameworks
Playbook Enablement
Your Playbook Library
public sector
why playboox

The fastest way to drive sustainable elite performance

Equip existing reps to win big deals more often
Playmaker guided deal coaching ensures precise and consistent execution of proven deal-winning practices at each stage of your sales process.
Equip new reps to win big deals faster
With Playmaker, your new reps can start applying your top reps’ best practices to specific deals within days of joining.
Equip sales managers to be force multipliers
We provide your managers with in-app deal coaching frameworks and question prompts to help their reps excel at deal execution.
Increase in pipeline created
Decrease in slipped deals
Increase in win rates