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Your sales process is the best framework for a playbook because sales process playbooks guide your sellers on what they need to say, ask, do, use, and know at each stage of your sales process to most effectively qualify, develop, close, and forecast their most important deals.

We use our
Playmaker software to create “Sales Process Playbooks” that codify the best approach for each stage of your sales process and equip your sellers with stage-specific guidance, tools, and training assets to consistently excel at deal execution.

Long gone are the days of document-based playbooks that reps don’t use because they are text-heavy, cumbersome to use, and buried in your content management system. Shift from Sales Enablement to Deal Enablement by making it easy for sellers to apply winning behaviors stage by stage when it matters most – the deal – and where they live – Salesforce.

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Sales Process Playbook Content Architecture
Playmaker Enterprise SaaS Sales Process Playbook Template

Through our partnership with Sandler, your managers can learn and master the best way to coach pipeline optimization, deal advancement, and client meetings.

Coaching Pipeline Optimization
Coaching Deal Advacement
Coaching Client Meetings

We approach each engagement as a new hire determined to quickly become one of your best performing reps. It helps that we have been top performers and sales leaders and have directly or through consulting and Sandler affiliation engaged with best-in-class enterprise SaaS sales organizations to glean how and why top enterprise sellers succeed. At the end of our engagement, we will sound like your most experienced and best performing reps.

We leverage our sales process playbook authoring software, stage management guide templates, and "Coach-the-Coach" facilitation workshop decks to jointly create and activate a Salesforce-enabled, tailored, and actionable playbook or playbooks that guide your managers to excel at deal coaching and your sellers to perform optimally at each stage of your sales process in a fraction of the time it takes traditional consultancies and with much higher and long-lasting impact. Here’s how we get there.


Exit criteria > MEDDIC

MEDDIC is too rigid and rudimentary to address the complexities of modern enterprise selling. Sales process exit criteria create a more comprehensive, customizable, and flexible framework to more precisely gauge deal risks and clearly define the steps for deal success stage by stage.


Deal knowledge management is a thing

Deal knowledge management refers to capturing, contextualizing, and sharing key deal information in Salesforce as a deal progresses through the sales process. It's essential in Enterprise selling, but shouldn't have to take a rep a lot of time or keystrokes to do it.


One size does not fit all

If you have a vertical market or market segment go-to-market strategy, how you sell into one vertical or market segment over another can vary widely. SDR and AE playbooks should also differ. As should playbooks for New Business and Renewal/Expansion. It's hard enough building one playbook let alone many, but to scale you need to crack this code.


Managers = Expert sales trainers

We believe that sales managers have everything it takes to be expert sales trainers. They know your market, personas, competition, and solutions. They are proven performers. All they’re missing are aids to facilitate specific skills training and turn team deal reviews into peer-to-peer learning opportunities.


Deal huddles drive learning and wins

Team Deal Huddles (win rooms) are by far the single most effective form of sales training and coaching deal advancement because they enable peer-to-peer learning and leverage group-think to assess and advance key deals so all reps walk away with lessons they can apply to their own deals.


Be prescriptive but not restrictive

Use conversation frameworks and prompts not scripts to equip your reps to confidently and consistently lead effective calls while not stifling individual style.



Playmaker Deal Pursuit Optimizer
Playmaker Playbook+
Sales Process Design
Deal Coaching Framework Design
Call Planning Framework Design
Key Deals Pipeline Report Framework Design
Discovery Guide Design (up to 3 personas or use cases)
Multiple Sales Process Playbooks
Salesforce Integration
Enterprise SaaS Sales Process
Persona Discovery Guide
Before/After Impact Stories Matrix
Account Research Guide
Playbook Authoring Module
Integrated Stage Guides
Sales Process Builder
Key Deals Scoreboard
Interactive Key Deal Snapshot
Sales Process Progress Tracker
Deal Winnability Scoring
Deal Analysis & Planning Guide
Next Call Planner
Key Stakeholder Profiler
Competition Positioner
Next Best Steps Planner
Deal and Call Planner PDF
Discovery Notes Capture
Playmaker Mobile – Tablet
Sales Manager Deal Pursuit Coaching – Sandler
Enterprise Selling Skills Training – Sandler
Design and Playmaker Salesforce Integration Estimated Timeline 
30 days
90 days
Playbook Facilitation Kits include:
  • Content development workshop facilitation deck and guide
  • Content coaching workshop facilitation deck and guide
  • Sales stage guide templates
  • Pre- and post-workshop activity guides

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