OKR-Centric Discovery: The Modern Approach to Consultative Selling

How to Prepare and Lead Discovery Conversations that Create Need and Urgency for your Solution’s Unique Capabilities

The first scheduled meeting with a prospect is a discovery conversation for both the buyer and seller. The buyer wants to learn if and how you might be able to help them achieve an important objective or resolve a critical issue, and the seller wants to learn about the buyer’s ambitions and what’s standing in the way of realizing them.

Unfortunately, according to Forrester 8 out of 10 times, buyers leave these interactions with a poor impression. They complain that the seller is ill-prepared and that they lack sufficient knowledge of the buyer’s world, so while your solution might bring significant value, you lose the chance to demonstrate this.

Learning Objective: In this course, your sellers will learn how to prepare and orchestrate discovery conversations for complex and highly technical sales that takes a performance management approach to exposing buyer status quo gaps and risks, making the case for your solution’s unique capabilities, and motivating buyers to schedule next steps by focusing on the objectives and key results (OKRs) your buyers most care about.

Course Format:

  • Two 90-minute workshops over two consecutive weeks
  • Delivered via a Zoom video conference
  • Includes discovery frameworks and guides

Curriculum: Through a combination of pre-work, live instruction, role plays, breakouts, and post-session reinforcement, your sellers will learn, master and apply how to most effectively prepare and orchestrate discovery conversations.


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