Use Playbooks To Boost Rookie Performance

Research shows that depending on your industry, solution complexity, and price point, in most cases, it can take anywhere from 6 to 15 months to get a new-hire fully productive as measured by time-to-quota. As such, compressing the amount of time it takes to bring new sales hires up-to-speed is one of the main reasons that companies deploy CRM-integrated sales playbooks. CRM-enabled sales playbooks can significantly accelerate new-hire ramp up by:

  • Helping new salespeople more quickly learn and apply their company’s sales process and best practice selling activities through continual reinforcement
  • Providing just-in-time sales coaching tips based on the best practices of top performers that the new reps can immediately apply to their very first set of deals
  • Enabling easy access to sales-process-stage-specific sales tools the new-hire can use to advance a specific deal
  • Incorporating sales conversation guides that make it easier for a new rep to mimic, learn, rehearse, reference and remember what to say and ask at different stages in the sales process
  • Making it easier for the new-hire’s sales manager to coach the rep by enabling the manager to monitor the new rep’s application of the sales process and best practices
  • Embedding sales training content, including videos, that is contextual to a stage in the sales process to make it easier for the new rep to reference, retain and apply what they learned in new-hire training

CRM-enabled sales playbooks can super-charge your new-hires’ effectiveness and performance, and enable you to cut down the amount of time it takes to get them fully functional from months to weeks significantly impacting your ability to hit your numbers.

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